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Caring for an aging loved one can be overwhelming, especially when a crisis occurs or a family member acts as the primary caregiver.  

As the Concierge of Senior Care Planning, Care Right assists families all across the country in navigating the complexities associated with the aging process by managing crisis situations, developing a proactive Aging Plan and providing needed support to struggling caregivers.

what Our clients say
You’re not alone! Other families who struggled with caregiving issues have achieved satisfaction and stability for their loved one.
“The Care Right team has been working with my 91-year-old mother, who has dementia. They have been very instrumental in helping my mom stay in her house despite her deteriorating condition. As an only child and owner of a small business, things can seem overwhelming at times. Care Right has been a godsend. They have helped secure properly trained caregivers for my mom as well as giving direct help in being there for doctor visits when I can’t make it. I feel at ease knowing my mom is getting the best care possible, thanks to Annalee and her very competent and caring team.”
Jeff D.

“What I like about Care Right: (1) terrific therapeutic support during decision-making and transition periods, (2) great sense of humor, (3) being there when we can’t, (4) sensitivity and caring during low periods, (5) continuous communication with family, (6) regular, detailed updates on status, and (7) excellent management of medical treatment and prescriptions. I could go on.”
Cathy C.


Care Right’s holistic and proactive planning approach will save your family…


  • Facilitating difficult conversations and building family consensus
  • Helping you understand that “band aiding” one crisis to the next is not sustainable
  • Understanding the importance of having a family meeting to discuss your family’s situation, preferably while things are going well vs when in crisis mode
  • Helping you understand your loved one’s needs
  • Helping you understand the aging process as well as chronic conditions
  • Coordinating care for your aging loved one and acting as their advocate
  • Leveraging technology to provide virtual guidance and timely communication


  • Creating a Grab N Go Binder which ensures all appropriate financial, legal and medical documents are in place and easily accessible
  • Implementing and Overseeing Aging Plan so adult children do not have to travel, exhaust vacation or take a leave of absence to care for an aging loved one
  • Decreasing you’re out of pocket expense for “crisis airfare” and travel plans
  • Alleviate Caregiver stress at work and help avoid missing out on career advancement and financial goals
  • Recommending options which will leverage insurance coverages and maximize financial resources


  • Providing Caregiver Education & Support to avoid compassion fatigue
  • Developing a sustainable Aging Plan vs. Continually REACTING
  • Mediating strained relationships associated with families who may not understand the aging process and teaching how to communicate & make decisions as a family
  • Resolving strained relationships between siblings who may not be as involved as the primary caregiver
  • Reconciling strained relationships between you and your aging loved ones
  • Having a detailed plan in place prior to a crisis occurring
  • Allowing you to use your vacation days for VACATION, rather than crisis management and doctor appointments
  • Leading a compassionate discussion regarding End of Life care options
Our Services
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Pro-active Planning
  • Aging Plan development
  • Aging Plan implementation
  • Ongoing family support, care oversight, family advising via monthly care packages
  • Facilitate family meetings to learn where your family “blind spots” may be before moving forward with the Aging Plan.  No parent wants to hear/see their adult children fighting about their care, who will provide their care, and how the money will be spent.  Many families have significant misunderstandings about aging, dementia, caregiver burnout, and care costs.  Family mediation can help restore relationships strained by the aging process
  • Learn how to regain control of your life
  • Dementia Coaching and Support packages for those who may not want all the “bells and whistles” of the Aging Plan development or who aren’t emotionally ready to move forward with developing an Aging Plan
  • Grab and Go/Emergency Preparedness–everyone over the age of 18 should have a Grab and Go.  Care Right helps direct each person through their extensive Grab and Go tabs which include medical providers, financial and legal team, accounts/passwords, end of life planning, and much more
  • Professional speaking engagements/keynote speaker


  • What types of conversations have you had with your family in the event a crisis occurs?
  • Do your loved ones know where your important papers are or who can make decisions on your behalf?
  • Are there gaps in your planning?
  • Does your family know about your online passwords, insurance coverages, financial & business obligations or even your end of life desires?

Crisis situations are stressful and NOT the time for family members to be scrambling to find answers to such significant questions! 

The purpose of our Grab and Go Binder is for you to outline as much information as possible so your loved ones not only know what your desires are in the event of a medical crisis, but so they can also carry on your personal or business affairs if need be.

Click here to view a video where Annalee Kruger discusses the importance of the Grab and Go Binder. You can also download the Grab and Go Brochure.

Purchasing the Grab and Go Binder is just the first step, making sure it’s completed is vital, which is why we offer packages to assist individuals & families in compiling this information and helping them stay on task.

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