Annalee Kruger

Meet Annalee Kruger

Annalee Kruger
Founder and President of Care Right, Inc.

For Annalee, providing senior-care guidance to families is more than just a career – it’s her passion.

At a young age, Annalee witnessed the challenges seniors face while living with her grandparents (Dad’s father and Mom’s mother) in her childhood home. Annalee’s grandfather, a significant role model, instilled in her the importance of family. Her grandmother, whose health was poor, taught Annalee about grief, loss and how medical issues can affect a senior’s quality of life.

Similar to most caregivers, Annalee’s parents needed to take only a minimal role in caring for her grandparents at first. But over time, the grandparents’ increasing needs demanded more attention and involvement. As Annalee’s parents honored their wishes to avoid a nursing home, they encountered the toll this level of sacrifice requires – ultimately affecting their family, relationships and work-life balance.

Annalee credits her compassion, empathy and in-depth understanding of senior issues to what she witnessed as her parents transitioned from adult children to caregivers of their own parents. Today, Annalee is entering the role of long-distance caregiver of her own parents, and as a result, she understands the guilt and stress associated with this role.

Annalee’s career

Annalee began her career as a social worker more than two decades ago. Eventually she worked her way up to a position as operations director of a community-based continuum of care retirement facility.

She often witnessed families touring the center with no idea of what questions to ask or what to look for. More often than not, they came because of a medical emergency and had very short notice to find a place for their loved one to live. Confused and scared, they were ill-equipped to make informed decisions when emotions were high and time was tight.

As Annalee spent hours answering their questions, she realized the urgent need for further guidance in such situations, as well as the need for preplanning to ease future transitions. She knew she could help…and so, in 2011, she started her own venture, Care Right, Inc.

Professional experience

Care Right, Inc. is built on a firm foundation, as Annalee’s experience includes:

  • Working closely with thousands of families and residents to ensure complete satisfaction – from developing activities to feeding residents.

  • Building and strengthening relationships with community resources.

  • Training and educating staff on many topics, including helping families adjust to changing roles; resident rights; difficult behaviors; caring for residents with multiple health issues; sensitivity to hearing loss, dementia, impaired vision, depression, dementia, and Parkinson’s disease; and helping families and residents through grief and loss.

  • Ongoing participation in eldercare networks and senior care events to stay abreast of industry standards, issues, and best practices.

Care Right expands

As more families learned through word of mouth how Care Right was helping others in their situation, demand rose swiftly, to the point that Annalee could add other expert caregivers and support staff to her team.

Annalee remains committed to empowering and educating families to make the right choices in senior care, ensuring that both the family caregiver and the care recipient feel a sense of relief and improved quality of life.