The Care Right Story
Annalee Kruger was a social worker and director in long-term care for more than 25 years. Every day, families came to her office in the midst of a medical crisis:

“Mom fell and broke her hip. She’s at the hospital, and the discharge planner said, ‘Here’s a list of nursing homes. Go find one by noon tomorrow, because we’re discharging her.’ ” Situations like this happen every single day, leaving families in an emotional tailspin. Still reeling from the medical crisis and trying to manage their work and child care schedules, now they must scramble to find a facility on short notice. What’s more, many had promised they would never put their loved one in a facility.

When these families met Annalee for a facility tour, they were exhausted, scared and overwhelmed. Most were unable to answer questions about their loved one’s medical providers, end-of-life wishes, long-term care insurance, and other vital matters. Annalee spent hours with the families to make sure their questions were answered and enable them to make more informed decisions. In time, it occurred to Annalee that she had a business model – and Care Right, Inc. was born.

In Annalee’s own words

Some people ask, “Why did you call your business Care Right?” I like to keep things simple. I care and I do things right, hence, Care Right. Our mission is to help families with aging loved ones initiate difficult conversations, navigate the long-term care industry, and improve family relationships by implementing available resources and support. It’s so rewarding to see families get back on track with their health and their relationships.

Our clients come primarily through word-of-mouth referrals. Typically, it’s an adult daughter trying to balance the needs of her own family, work, and care of her aging loved ones and often her in-laws as well. Caring for an aging loved one can be a full-time job in itself, never mind her other responsibilities.

What’s more, many people feel it’s not natural to approach their loved ones about making better decisions or to step in and oversee their care. And aging loved ones often don’t realize they need more oversight. When families bring up these matters, the conversations don’t always go well. Family dynamics, geographical distance and other factors get in the way.

Care Right serves as a neutral third party to smooth those dicey situations. We’ll join in your journey and help you navigate the aging process. Most families have no idea what is involved in caring for aging loved ones. Since you don’t know what you don’t know, this can lead to costly mistakes. Allow us to help you.