Caregiver Guidance

Caregiver relief is just a phone call away

Senior caregiver services. Do you struggle to balance work, life, and your role as a family caregiver? Are your relationships strained at home, at work, with your siblings, and with your aging loved one? Is your physical and emotional well-being at risk?

Compassion fatigue has a way of sneaking up on you. At first, you’re just picking up mail and running errands for Mom or Dad. As time goes on, their needs increase: taking them to medical appointments, stressing out over forgotten medications, responding to urgent phone calls, and wondering when the next crisis will happen. The visits you used to enjoy become a burden that’s fraught with anxiety.

Before long, you’re in survival mode. You don’t realize how exhausting it is to juggle the caregiving role with all of life’s other demands – until someone asks, “How are you doing?”

Our Care Right team sincerely wants to hear your answer to that question. As trusted senior care advisors for families across the U.S., we have the experience, industry knowledge and compassion necessary to put a family caregiver’s mind at ease. We’re your concierge of senior-care services.

It’s time to take care of yourself, too

With the safety and well-being of your loved one as a priority, we help you understand available options based on your needs, concerns and long-term goals. We empower your family to make the right choices…we serve as your family’s advocate…and we give you as a caregiver a support system to lean on.

Care Right can help, wherever you are in your journey:
• wondering how to have those difficult conversations with your loved one
• looking for an advocate for yourself and your loved one
• needing someone with healthcare experience to coordinate your loved one’s care
• searching for a facility where your loved one can live safely and happily
• trying to manage a loved one’s care from afar

We’ll help you save time, money, and stress

While a proactive approach is best when planning long-term care needs, life doesn’t always happen that way. No matter what your situation, Care Right will simplify the options available and empower your family to make the best decisions.

From facilitating healthcare conversations with an elderly loved one to introducing the subject of home services, facility care, and end-of-life wishes, we will help you navigate the long-term care industry and pre-plan to avoid a state of crisis. Sometimes it’s difficult to approach such topics as a family unit; they’re much better received when coming from a neutral professional.

We help families find common ground and move forward with planning, even when the future seems overwhelming. We connect families with trusted professionals in our network, learn from our clients what’s working (or not), and discover what goals and resources they have. Then we work with you to develop a Care Package that makes sense.