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Whether you’re a spouse, sibling or adult child, acting as a caregiver to an aging loved one can be one of life’s most rewarding experiences. However, without the right resources, support system and plan in place, it can quickly become overwhelming.

At first, you’re just picking up mail and running errands for Mom or Dad. As time goes on, their needs increase: taking them to medical appointments, stressing out over forgotten medications, responding to urgent phone calls and wondering when the next crisis will happen. The visits you used to enjoy become a burden that’s fraught with anxiety.

Before long, you’re in survival mode and wonder how long you can keep going. You don’t realize how exhausting it is to juggle the caregiving role with all of life’s other demands – until someone asks, “How are you doing?”

Having a proactive Aging Plan crafted and implemented by Care Right is just as important for you, the caregiver, as it is for your aging loved one.


  • Struggling to balance work, life and your role as a family caregiver?
  • Encountering strained relationships at home, at work, with your siblings, children, and with your aging loved one?
  • Feeling exhausted, anxious, resentful and guilty about your anger?
  • Having to use extensive financial resources to pay for your loved one’s care?
  • Jeopardizing your job and career, using your vacation days for crisis and caregiving?
  • Trying to cope with dementia issues?

Compassion fatigue is real and has a way of sneaking on up you. If not identified and addressed quickly, it can put your physical and emotional well-being at risk. However, you are not alone. Care Right can help.


As your Concierge of Senior Care Planning, Care Right has the experience, industry knowledge and compassion necessary to put a family caregiver’s mind at ease. Our holistic approach views the entire family as our “client” because we understand the stress which comes from caring for an aging loved one impacts every family member in some way.

With the safety and well-being of your loved one as a priority, we help you understand the available options based on your needs, concerns and long-term goals. We empower your family to make the right choices…we serve as your family’s advocate…and we give you, the caregiver, a support system to lean on.

Care Right can help wherever you and your loved one are on your journey or wherever your family is located by:

  • Conducting a comprehensive assessment of your loved one’s needs
  • Facilitating difficult conversations with your loved one and/or family
  • Advocating for yourself and your loved one
  • Utilizing our healthcare experience to coordinate & oversee your loved one’s care
  • Exploring where your loved one lives, who will provide care, and how care will be paid
  • Leading a compassionate discussion about end-of-life care
  • Ensuring regular communication with other family members, no matter where they live
  • Providing customized Dementia Coaching

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