How Can Care Right Help You?
Improve family relationships which have been strained by the caregiving and aging process • Family mediation services • Complete detailed assessment of your aging loved one • Act as a neutral 3rd party to help your family make informed decisions, saving you time, money, and stress • Conduct Family Meeting, craft & implement customized Aging Plan • Support Family Caregivers by providing individualized coaching and education • Outline available options given financial & insurance constraints • Create Grab N Go Binder to centralize vital Financial, Account, Legal & Medical information • Provide Virtual Guidance for families at a distance • Act as your aging loved one’s advocate, oversee care and provide timely updates to family • Screen, arrange and monitor in-home help or other services • Coordinate moves to or from home and senior living facilities • Provide researched information on the costs, quality, and availability of resources in their community
Who can benefit from working with Care Right?

Care Right’s proactive planning approach assists families in navigating the complexities associated with the aging process and provides needed support to struggling caregivers. Besides working directly with families, our services can be referred by businesses and professionals in the legal, health, and financial arenas who want to ensure their clients understand their needs and options, and that they receive quality care. • Financial Planners  • Private Bankers & Wealth Managers • Accountants • Trust Officers • Attorneys • Conservators / Guardians • Physicians and other Health Professionals • Hospitals • Home Healthcare Providers • Gerontology Professionals • Senior Housing Communities

Financial Planners click here to learn more about the Certified Elder Planning Specialist program.

Indications that You Aging Loved One is in Decline
When one or more of the following behaviors begin to appear, a professional opinion should be sought. Care Right has the experience needed to properly assess and diagnose your aging loved one. • Frequent falls or unexplained bruises • Dizziness or fainting • Forgetting to take medication or taking more/less than the prescribed amount • Bizarre or unusual behavior • Getting lost while driving or walking • Extreme suspiciousness • Loss of interest in social activities / social isolation • Neglecting to pay bills or cash checks • Not eating properly or regularly/Unexplained weight loss • Abusing alcohol / drugs • Unsafe driving • Confusion or lapses in judgment • Balance or mobility problems or refusing to use cane or walker • Refusing to see the doctor when health or medical issues arise • Forgetting things cooking on the stove or to turn off appliances
Can Care Right Help Us no matter where we live?
Yes! To help families overcome the obstacle of geography or busy schedules, Care Right leverages technology in order to provide the same level of service “virtually” to non-local or scattered families. Pre-arranged Audio or secure Video Conferencing allows our experts the ability to assess your loved one, conduct the Family Meeting and seamlessly implement the Aging Plan no matter how near or far your family members are.
How Does Care Right Charge for Services?
Care Right is a private pay provider and does not accept any type of insurance. When dealing with sensitive topics such as the aging process, emotions can run high, especially during family meetings. These dynamics, along with the need to educate family members on topics such as living with dementia and the financial costs of care, make it difficult for Care Right to determine the exact amount of resources needed to complete your loved one’s customized Aging Plan. Because of this, we will quote a Fee Range in our engagement letter. The appropriate Care Package Service Level, which is the monthly retained service needed to implement the Aging Plan, will be determined and discussed during the Family Meeting. We are proud to share that all of our referrals are made with the Client’s best interest in mind. We do not contract with any facilities or other agencies. We are also proud to share that Care Right was built on, and continues to grow because of, word-of-mouth and client referrals. Everyone knows a family with an aging loved one and we would be honored if you introduced us to them.

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