When a crisis occurs, events happen quickly and certain decisions need to be made immediately.  Unfortunately, some decisions are significant and can only be made by those who have the authority to do so. 

Not only is it paramount for everyone in the family to have documents such as Living Wills and Powers of Attorney, it is just as important to have all of them consolidated in a single location and easily accessible at a moments notice.

This is why Care Right created it’s Signature Grab and Go Binder.


  • What types of conversations have you had with your family in the event a crisis occurs?
  • Do your loved ones know where your important papers are or who can make decisions on your behalf?
  • Are there gaps in your planning?
  • Does your family know about your online passwords, insurance coverages, financial & business obligations or even your end of life desires?

Crisis situations are stressful and NOT the time for family members to be scrambling to find answers to such significant questions! 

The purpose of our Grab and Go Binder is for you to outline as much information as possible so your loved ones not only know what your desires are in the event of a medical crisis, but so they can also carry on your personal or business affairs if need be.

Click here to view a video where Annalee Kruger discusses the importance of the Grab and Go Binder. You can also download the Grab and Go Brochure.

Purchasing the Grab and Go Binder is just the first step, making sure it’s completed is vital, which is why we offer packages to assist individuals & families in compiling this information and helping them stay on task.

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