My mother was diagnosed with vascular dementia around 2010, and her memory has been getting steadily worse. I have tried to help my father monitor and care for my mother’s increasing needs, with some assistance from my other siblings. It has been a struggle to take care of ourselves besides taking care of my mother’s increasing demands and needs, which can evolve suddenly and immediately. In 2015, my sister heard about Care Right and suggested they might be able to help the family figure out what more we could provide for my mother. Care Right has been very interested in not just my mother’s well-being but also how the fabric of our whole family is glued together. They have expressed concern about how all individuals in this family can get their own needs met and still contribute to the family effectively. There have been transformations from this experience. Thank you, Care Right.


The Care Right team has been working with my 91-year-old mother, who has dementia. They have been very instrumental in helping my mom stay in her house despite her deteriorating condition. As an only child and owner of a small business, things can seem overwhelming at times. Care Right has been a godsend. They have helped secure properly trained caregivers for my mom as well as giving direct help in being there for doctor visits when I can’t make it. I feel at ease knowing my mom is getting the best care possible, thanks to Annalee and her very competent and caring team.

Jeff D.

What I like about Care Right: (1) terrific therapeutic support during decision-making and transition periods, (2) great sense of humor, (3) being there when we can’t, (4) sensitivity and caring during low periods, (5) continuous communication with family, (6) regular, detailed updates on status, and (7) excellent management of medical treatment and prescriptions. I could go on.

Cathy C.

Care Right has been a godsend. Dad’s caregiver, Mike, quickly became a friend to our whole family. He really cares about Dad and is always looking for practical ways to keep him happy, safe and comfortable. Mike has gone the extra mile to help us out on many occasions, serving as a champion for my dad with great attention to detail and outstanding follow-through. As Dad’s needs become more challenging, Care Right guides us through the maze of what to expect from senior-care facilities at all levels, from assisted to attended to skilled nursing. When questions arise about Dad’s care, they’ve been our advocates with great diplomacy, creating a win-win situation. We’ve used other care agencies, but Care Right is superior in every way. Knowing that they’re just a phone call away, no matter what happens, gives us great peace of mind.