“Thanks for the note. William passed away yesterday afternoon. We’re coping. Although it’s stressful, it is also a relief. Thanks again for your kind and very helpful words of encouragement and advice over the last couple of years.”

Michael K. Bresson

“I know Annalee Kruger and without a doubt am recommending this book. Cannot wait to read it. I first met her when she was helping Lynn de la Torre care for her dad. I came to visit him and she was on the phone with the social security office trying to straighten out some database that had his date of birth off by 1 year. Manuel looked up and said she was a saint and had been on the phone for hours trying to help him. Took her name and number right then and there knowing someday I would need help.”

Katy Levenhagen

“I cannot tell you how much your being an advocate has meant for me, my wife and our entire family.”

Larry Poe

“Annalee helped me and my siblings come up with a solid plan when dad was diagnosed with dementia. She helped me with caretaker fatigue and was a great neutral third party who was able to relay information to dad. She won his trust right away.”

Amal Bernal

“My mom also has Alzheimer’s! Thank god we took the steps and with your assistance . I was able to go in with the paper work and sign her up within 15 min in her beautiful new assistant living with memory care also when it’s time . I am feeling much better about everything coming out of the worst 14 days of my life.”

Toni Jorgensen

“Annalee provides an invaluable service to those of us with aging parents. As we’re in our prime income earning years we can be faced with an incredible decision to make… to sacrifice for those who raised us. However, there is a myriad of options that I was not aware of until I came across Care Right. She is educated in all the various options from home health care to assisted living. Most importantly, she gets to know your loved one and bends over backward to find a solution that not only meets their desires but the financial constraints as well. My parents were skeptical at first when I suggested they meet with Annalee but, after spending a couple of hours with her, they were amazed how much they learned and what more they needed to do before a medical emergency occurred or as their health declined. There is no reason to go through the aging process alone… utilize Annalee’s unique expertise to assist your family as she did ours.”
Kurt Andrae

“What I like about Care Right: (1) terrific therapeutic support during decision-making and transition periods, (2) great sense of humor, (3) being there when we can’t, (4) sensitivity and caring during low periods, (5) continuous communication with family, (6) regular, detailed updates on status, and (7) excellent management of medical treatment and prescriptions. I could go on.”
Cathy C.

“Care Right is exceptionally helpful in navigating and helping families care for their loved ones. Annalee personally transferred dad from one facility to a better one when my brother and I were both out of town. She is a wealth of information and experience in dealing with all kinds of healthcare facilities. She also does monthly assessments so she can help us maintain insurance benefits. I can’t say enough about how helpful she has been to our family.”
Katherine Merkel

“Care Right, Inc. has helped my family with my maternal grandmother and my paternal grandparents! They assisted with the transition of getting my grandmother placed in a nursing home on Title 19 and assisted with obtaining and organizing 24/7 in-home care for my other grandparents. They do amazing work, are very thoughtful, kind and caring! Anyone who is needing assistance with care and planning for older family members and friends should contact Care Right, Inc!”
Ellie Schneck

“Care Right is an exceptional company who can really help you with aging parents, how to
handle sensitive situations and listens carefully in order to help guide a caretaker or elderly person through their aging years…”
Barbara Mueller

“I received the Grab and Go Binder a few minutes ago! Again, thank you so much for sending it! Knowing you developed it, I expected it to be detailed and professional….it exceeds my expectations! Now, I need to get to work and fill it up!”

“I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for yesterdays appointment and the professionalism and the human caring that you showed for all of us.”

Elana Adler

“My family is sooooo lucky that an Angel named Annalee Kruger is available as a resource. Taking care of your aging loved ones is a process that 99.99756% of families are not equipped to tackle alone…. ours included. Today was eye opening for all of us and, thank goodness, I had some “pre-education” that uncovered a major issue that prompted a family meeting.

The outcome of a civil and open discussion between parents and children lead to a discovery that, what we all “thought” was the right decision when the day started, was actually a disaster waiting to happen. How was it averted??? By having a resource in your corner, and that resource was Care Right Inc.

The bulk of my friends on FB have parents in the 80+ bracket. If you haven’t had the “what if’s” or “what happens when” discussions, you’re in for some major surprises that you won’t like. My father was in financial analysis his entire career. He thrives on details. He answered the question of “do you have all your legal documents in order” with a resounding “YES”! But he became sheepish when we asked him “where are they loctaed”?

The foundation of a plan was put In place tonight. What plan you ask? Simple… the plan of what my parents desire and the core of that desire is being able to stay together as long as possible. Sounds easy! But it isn’t because the agin process loves to throw curve balls at you.

I’m going to sleep well tonight knowing my family isn’t alone on this very difficult journey….AND yours doesn’t need to be either. Help is only a phone call away.”

Kurt Andrae

“Annalee Kruger is the best at what she does to help people with aging parents and thinking about their own plans for the future. I couldn’t deal without her. I thought I finally had the time to pursue a career that I have been working at for over 30 years. Then my aging parents became another roadblock. Thanks to Annalee Kruger, I have finally been able to live that dream. She helped me rid the guilt I had for not being able to be there all the time for my parents. It’s still so hard watching your parents decline, but knowing they are being taken care of really helps. My Mom with Alzheimers is going to be staying with me for 10 days. Hoping to give a break to my sister Toni Jorgensen before we move her into an AL facility. My plan is to keep her busy visiting old friends, going with me to dance practice and recitals, and visiting Dad. I am excited to spend time with my Mom before things get worse.”

Elizabeth D'Onofrio

“Annalee has in-depth knowledge on the challenges seniors and their families face as they age. She is a wealth of information and has resources and recommendations for families trying to find appropriate care or as they face the demands of caregiving themselves. She can connect very well with anyone she works with, she’s motivated, dedicated and I’d be hard pressed to find anyone with a more positive attitude! I’d highly recommend Annalee!”
Teri Zeise

“The Care Right team has been working with my 91-year-old mother, who has dementia. They have been very instrumental in helping my mom stay in her house despite her deteriorating condition. As an only child and owner of a small business, things can seem overwhelming at times. Care Right has been a godsend. They have helped secure properly trained caregivers for my mom as well as giving direct help in being there for doctor visits when I can’t make it. I feel at ease knowing my mom is getting the best care possible, thanks to Annalee and her very competent and caring team.”
Jeffrey Durski

“Annalee and her team are great! They know how to handle the most delicate situations with dealing with family crisis. Their team has a wealth of information and can guide your family in the right direction to determine the best care plan for your loved one. We really count on Annalee’s support for our clients. Thank you for everything you do for us!”
Donna Dziewik

“Care Right is an amazing company!!! They are always there when you need them. The caregivers are humble and treat your aging loved ones like they are their own family member. I highly recommend Care Right!!!”
Trista Clements

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