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Care Right recognizes that family demographics have changed considerably over the last 25 years.

Having adult children living in the same area as their parents was once the norm but now is becoming more uncommon. Or all the adult children work full time and are unable to participate in meetings during normal business hours. Additionally, many older couples are choosing to spend all their time in warmer climates as opposed to being Snow Birds. Each of these instances creates unique circumstances in regards to the aging and caregiving process.

The landscape of families has also changed. Mixed families created by 2’d or 3’d marriages, adult children contemplating moving in with their aging parents or the presence of chronic conditions which require more care & financial resources from the family, given longer life spans, are some common scenarios Care Right encounters. Those who have not invested the time, effort and energy into maintaining strong family relationships, especially when separated by large distances, are now forced to learn how to communicate with each other in order to make the best decision possible for their aging loved one.

To help scattered families overcome the obstacle of geography or busy schedules, Care Right leverages technology in order to deliver our services “virtually”. Pre-arranged Audio or secure Video Conferencing provides us the ability to seamlessly implement the Aging Plan and keep all parties consistently up to date no matter how near or far the family members are.

Technology also allows us to offer our full menu of services including the Assessment, Family Meeting, Care Packages and Caregiver Support for those clients and families who are not located in the Southwest Florida area. We already have a number of families which we assist on a “virtual only” basis and we expect this to increase in the future.

Care Right’s use of technological solutions results in an efficient use of everyone’s time, energy & resources and ensures that families, no matter how scattered, get back on track.

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