“Mom fell and broke her hip and the hospital is discharging her tomorrow” or “Dad passed suddenly and we had no idea how bad Mom’s dementia was because he was covering for her” or “We have to move Mom out of a facility she loves and away from her friends because she can’t afford to live there any longer”. These are all too common scenarios faced by families with aging loved ones.

Early in her career, while working as a long-term care director and social worker, Annalee Kruger met with families in crisis situations like these on a daily basis. Unfortunately, these stories usually began with “We don’t know what to do…” or “Our family never talked about these things…”.

More so, she noticed that the family members were exhausted, scared, overwhelmed and unable to answer basic questions about their loved one’s medical providers, end-of-life wishes, long-term care insurance, and other vital matters.

Annalee spent hours with these panicked families, learning about their aging loved one’s goals, answering dozens of questions and educating them on how to make more informed decisions as the aging process continued. However, because they did not have a plan in place when the crisis occurred, the families were always in a state of reaction, which caused tensions to run high and relationships to suffer.

During this time she discovered other areas which the families needed assistance with such as initiating difficult conversations about a loved one’s condition and prognosis, balancing available financial resources with desired care options and helping family members understand the physical, emotional and financial toll that being a primary caregiver can take.

Annalee soon realized that helping guide families through the aging process was her true passion. So, in 2011, she founded Care Right Inc. in order to focus, full-time, on educating families on the benefits of a proactive approach to senior care planning and helping implement their aging loved one’s plan.

Some people ask, “Why is it called Care Right?” Simple, we care and we do things right, hence, Care Right!

the care right way

While Care Right strives to help families understand the benefits of proactive planning and ongoing discussions about the aging of their loved one, many do not want to deal with these topics, thinking nothing will happen to them or pushing it off to a later date.

Unfortunately, it is usually when a medical crisis occurs that families are faced with the reality that they can no longer avoid the difficult topics associated with caring for an aging loved one. This realization quickly turns to panic as the lack of having a plan in place unveils the overwhelming nature of the task in front of them.

Regardless if your family is currently facing a crisis situation, trying to educate itself about dementia or investigating what it takes to be a family caregiver, Care Right is uniquely equipped to help.

No matter where you are in the journey of caring for your aging loved one or where you and your family are located, Care Right can help smooth out the inherent bumpiness that the aging process entails and help save your family time, money & stress.


We provide you and your family peace of mind by understanding your unique needs and developing a customized plan

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  • Step 2:  Review Care Right “Welcome Packet”
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  • Step 4:  Experience relief, relationship restoration, and peace of mind knowing you have a customized Aging Plan developed, implemented, and your Grab ‘N Go binder completed
“I wanted to thank you for the wonderful care you provided for Bev. I know Bev was fond of you and I know the services you provided made an immense difference in her life. You lifted a tremendous burden off her shoulders because she knew you would make sure things were taken care of. You also lifted a tremendous burden off all of us family members.”


The number of families with aging loved ones is ever growing and the healthcare landscape “ever-changing”. Also, many families are scattered, with adult children living long distances away from their parents.  Care Right can help those:
  • Families facing a medical crisis situation
  • Aging loved ones with limited or no local family support available
  • Families new to the aging process who are unsure how to care for their loved one and/or unaware of available resources
  • Caregivers who are “burned out” and are in need of coaching, education and support
  • Families with geographic constraints or limited time to devote to their aging loved one’s care needs
  • Individuals needing an advocate to interact with care providers and provide timely communication to family members.
  • Families who cannot reach consensus on their aging loved one’s care plan
  • Unsure of their financial resources or the importance of updated legal documents
  • Families who need education and direction in how to handle a loved one with dementia

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